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Topic: Mike Baird

Gone are the dogs: governments have totally abandoned their promises on greyhound welfare

The greyhound racing industry is still being showered in taxpayer funding, even as it slaughters dogs.

Will Hodgman (Image: AAP/Ethan James)

Farewell, Will Hodgman. Here’s what your future looks like

What's next for the former Tasmanian premier?

NSW Liberals at factional fiddling while party burns

Liberal factions are gearing up for what could be a nasty contest in two byelections, writes freelance journalist Claire Pullen.

NSW preselection a Manly sausage-fest with plenty of mystery meat

The only woman in the race is likely to drop out, writes freelance journalist Claire Pullen.

The <em>Oz</em> reports today Baird will recommend moderate James Griffin.

Vultures circle Mike Baird’s seat, but who will triumph?

The Oz reports today Baird will recommend moderate James Griffin.

Pub tax too high ... <em>Daily Mail</em> v <em>Herald Sun</em> ... vultures circle Baird's seat ...

Tips and rumours

Pub tax too high ... Daily Mail v Herald Sun ... vultures circle Baird's seat ...

The Gladys Group is NSW’s new power elite

The new Premier's core group of senior ministers are all long-time Berejiklian supporters.

Gladys Berejiklian, the unknown quantity, takes over from Teflon Mike

Liberal MPs have endorsed Gladys Berejiklian as the 45th premier of NSW, the state’s seventh premier in 12 years. Here's what's up with that.

Poll Bludger: can the Liberals hang onto NSW without Teflon Mike?

Mike Baird's shock resignation raises questions about whether likely new premier Gladys Berejiklian can win the state at the next election.

Baird’s resignation fires starting gun on NSW Liberal factional warfare

Why did Mike Baird resign? And who is waiting in the wings to replace him?