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Topic: Michael Kroger
Julie Bishop sits among her colleagues in the House of Reps (Image: AAP/Mick Tsikas)

Liberal Party’s woman problem set to emerge on Q&A tonight

For the first time in months, female panelists will dominate Q&A. They should have plenty to talk about too.

Victorian Liberal Party president Michael Kroger. (Image: AAP/David Crosling)

Kroger’s high-profile Liberal presidency ends in collapse

A high-profile political powerbroker for decades, Michael Kroger will end his second stint as Victorian Liberal president with the party a smoking ruin.

Liberal Member for Chisholm Julia Banks. Image credit: Mick Tsikas/AAP

Reaction to Banks shows us that party powerbrokers dislike democratic participation

Why would a powerbroker of a major party that faces a crisis of political participation so enthusiastically dismiss concerns about bullying in his party? Could it be powerbroking is easier if people don't participate?

Liberal Party: Civil War — a blockbuster in the making

Will the Liberal civil war provide as much entertainment as Labor’s night of the long butter knives?

Mayne: four high-profile men with a yuuge conflict of interest problem

It is possible to wear two hats at once, but the problem comes when there is a lack of disclosure.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews

Mayne: a Cormack Foundation-Liberal detente could unseat Dan Andrews

Just like Malcolm Turnbull’s $1.75 million donation helped save the federal Liberals, a $10 million campaign contribution from Cormack is arguably all Liberal leader Matthew Guy needs to turn Daniel Andrews into a one-term premier.

The Liberal power struggle in Victoria continues to be of interest to onlookers.

Peter Reith spotted in Brighton during Libs’ infighting saga

The Liberal power struggle in Victoria continues to be of interest to onlookers.

It's like a soap opera!

Matthew Guy’s revenge

It's like a soap opera!