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Michael Keenan (AAP Image/Lukas Coch)

The disability provider, the ex-minister and the government-fuelled gold rush

The lucrative, government-fuelled world of specialised disability accommodation is becoming a new gold rush — and has advisers watching for conflicts of interest.

Cash, Keenan, the DPP face serious questions over the AWU scandal

Two ministers refused to properly cooperate with an Australian Federal Police investigation, with indications that evidence was destroyed in the case. Where's the media outrage?

(Image: AAP/Lukas Coch)

Who’s staying is as big a problem for the Libs as who’s leaving

The deeper problem for the Liberals is the talent gap departing ministers leave behind in a party cluttered with dead wood.

Fourteen easy tips to avoid looking like Big Brother

Human Services Minister Michael Keenan is sick of the government being portrayed as Big Brother. Maybe if it stopped behaving in ways straight out of 1984, he wouldn't have that problem.

Keenan pays up ... love is a battlefield ... 18C watch ...

Tips and rumours

Keenan pays up ... love is a battlefield ... 18C watch ...

Abbott and Turnbull take turns throwing the other under the bus

The stoush between Malcolm Turnbull and Tony Abbott is now out in the open after Turnbull rejected Abbott's version of events on the guns deal.

When in doubt, dog whistle

Anne Aly was doing her government-funded job in trying to stop terror. And Julie Bishop damn well knows it.

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