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Topic: marriage equality
Former senator Fraser Anning (Image: AAP/Mick Tsikas)

Tips and Murmurs: Porter’s industrial strength … Binary stirs … the return of Fraser Anning?

Is anti-trans group Binary about to launch another hateful campaign? Plus Christian Porter's needless industrial intervention, and fascist sympathising egghead Fraser Anning may be staging a comeback.

A young protester in 2017's Community Action Against Homophobia rally in Sydney. (Image: AAP/Craig Golding)

In 2019, LGBTIQ kids deserve better

Queer young people have been scapegoats of the culture wars for years now. It's time to finally confront the reality they are more than abstract fodder for debate.

Religious freedom report is a culture war disaster

The report, which was delayed for six months, has now had exactly the opposite effect of that intended.

Sophie York, Marriage Alliance spokeswoman (Image: AAP/Dan Himbrechts)

Marriage Alliance can change its name, but can it change policy?

Marriage Alliance has rebranded as Binary Australia. We look back at the terrifying power such a small group seems to wield — and their constant failure in spite of it.

(Image: Getty)

Marriage equality suffers a blow in Taiwan referendum

Many had hoped that Taiwan could continue as a beacon for acceptance of LGBTIQ people in Asia, a region where same-sex relationships are still regularly criminalised.

Religious right’s slippery-slope arguments are a broken record

The style of debate coming from Australian churches usually proves one thing: slippery slope arguments tend to find themselves on the wrong side of history.

When will Australia have its own “same sex wedding cake” legal debacle?

Cases of bakers refusing to sell same-sex celebrating cakes have made it to the highest courts in the UK and US. When it occurs here, what will the judicial response be?

How Kerryn Phelps became the ‘inclusive’ third way for Wentworth

Phelps and her wife became heroes in the minds of many in the late '90s. But can she truly be considered a political alternative?

Father Rod Bower and the fight for a progressive Christianity

Crikey speaks to Father Rod Bower, Archdeacon of the Central Coast, about the changes that the Church, and the country, need to move forward.

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