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Topic: Margaret Thatcher
(Image: Reuters/Loren Elliott)

The Morrison government is helping young people — but there are catches

Young people have been named 'winners' from the federal budget, but the government isn't listening to what they actually need

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg (Image: AAP/Lukas Coch)

When Frydenberg talks about Thatcher and Reagan, what does he have in mind?

Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher were avatars of big government, big debt and wage stagnation. Is that what Josh Frydenberg wants?

Murdoch’s interference in government goes back as long as he does

Whatever role he played in the toppling of Malcolm Turnbull, it is far from the first time Rupert Murdoch has been an active political force.

Razer: how the class war got stuck in a 40 year loop

If the best that the blokes at the IPA, The Australian and the Ramsay Centre can come up with is “Marx equals death!”, the left still has a chance.

The Crikey Awards for Best Blunders and Backfires in political interviews

We've scoured back through the archives to hand out some overdue awards. The top prize should not come as a surprise.

Rundle: midnight, in a Euro-hell dreamscape

Guy Rundle wrote on the French and British elections today. And, um ...

Mayne: another 10 former politicians funded by the Murdoch machine, including Gough

Proving just how ubiquitous the Murdoch dollar is, some of the most powerful politicians -- now and historically -- from Australia, UK and the US, have benefited from Rupert and Family's wealth.

Rundle: the working class is marooned, thus cometh Trump

The Trump movement is carried by a white working class, abandoned 20 years ago, and which has no politically significant space to occupy in post-millennial culture.

David Morrison, Australian of the Year

The Oz is right, political correctness has gone mad (as has apolitical correctness)

The Australian is right about the left, and I hate saying that.

Shades of Thatcher: Abbott’s demise traces a familiar path

The sniping, undermining and personal fixations? We've seen it all before, writes history educator and researcher Tony Taylor.

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