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Topic: live sheep exports

Deregulated to death: the Coalition’s neoliberal logic of boiling animals alive

The fit of deregulation that led to the live export debacle in Australia barely saved taxpayers $30,000, but it was good business for the Coalition and their donors.

‘We had no idea,’ say live export bureaucrats who knew all about brutality

The Department of Agriculture has tried to explain away its regulatory failures on live sheep exports, insisting it didn't know things were so bad. But they knew perfectly well what was going on.

Separating facts from emotion on boiling sheep to death for commercial gain

As government backbenchers move to ban the live sheep trade, the lies of industry advocate and politicians are being exposed.

Nationals reject science to keep sheep slaughter afloat

The National Party has succeeded in keeping the brutal live sheep export industry alive, insisting that the bureaucrats at the heart of its failed regulatory system can be trusted to fix it.

Government action on live exports doesn’t even fill an A4 sheet of paper

Four weeks on from revelations of the shocking conditions of live sheep exports, the government has done nothing but licence more ships of shame to the Middle East as the weather warms up.