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Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk and Opposition Leader Deb Frecklington (Images: AAP/Dan Peled)

The race to rule Queensland is almost upon us. Here’s a primer for the bifurcated state

Queensland is a state of traditions. But will it break with one at the ballot box next month?

Minister for Northern Australia Matt Canavan is disrupted by protesters (Image: AAP/Kelly Barnes)

Years of Coalition failure behind Adani panic

The government's panic over the Adani Carmichael project is driven by five wasted years that have seen unemployment spike in Townsville and surrounding regions.

One Nation gun nuts present huge opportunity for Morrison

Scott Morrison has a chance to break free from his One Nation preference problem by using revelations of the party's links to the National Rifle Association — but is he bold enough?

LEAKED: years of government policy confirmed to be ‘administrative error’

Government staffers could not explain how such an extensive series of administrative errors could have occurred.

Turnbull rattled over One Nation’s pull on conservatives

Conservative divisions between mainstream moderates and the far right fringe were on display in Queensland and are set to make Malcolm Turnbull's life even worse.

The Shorten Manifesto: what does the alternative PM actually want for Australia?

You'd be forgiven for liking Bill Shorten solely for his stirring oratory abilities, but with the Coalition springing leaks, it's worth reminding yourself what Labor actually stands for. Lisa Divissi reports.

Poll Bludger: One Nation slows as the Battler Bus loses a tyre

One Nation's northern ride may be grinding to a halt as succession problems the ghost of the the preference deal continue to get in the way.

Fred Nile

Poll Bludger: despite shifting public attitudes on abortion, criminalisation remains in Qld, NSW

To the extent that abortion’s technical status as a criminal offence remains, it's clearly the case that the law is running behind public opinion.

Liberals in crisis: Nats with poor memories fail to secure the flanks

The Nationals have forgotten the lessons from the 1990s about fighting One Nation, and it will harm the Liberal Party in the long term, Bernard Keane and Josh Taylor write.

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