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Crikey Worm: scorned solicitor-general returns to haunt the government

Good morning, early birds. A familiar face returns to haunt the government at the High Court, and One Nation relegates Queensland's LNP to preference purgatory after a kerfuffle in Western Australia. It's the news you need to know, with Max Chalmers.

Why is Brandis in hot water this time?

What do Western Australia, Justin Gleeson, Alan Bond and the ATO have in common? The latest George Brandis scandal.

Facing humiliation, Brandis dumps his direction

Facing a humiliating defeat in the Senate, the Attorney-General has withdrawn his controversial direction muzzling the Solicitor-General.

Gleeson: what the committee saw, and how it argued it

It's no surprise that the Senate committee investigating George Brandis' attempt to control access to the Solicitor-General found against him, but some mysteries still remain.

WA Senator tries, fails to join Justin Gleeson punch-on

Having failed to make her mark on the Solicitor-General in a recent committee hearing, a Liberal senator tried and failed to have a post-stoush swing at Justin Gleeson.

Gleeson, like Triggs, has a quality Brandis simply can’t stomach: independence

What half-decent professional would accept a job under Brandis' purview now?

Celebrating the Solicitor-General ... where have all the iPhones gone? ... AFR v Thomas Piketty ...

Tips and rumours

Celebrating the Solicitor-General ... where have all the iPhones gone? ... AFR v Thomas Piketty ...

How much damage will Turnbull let his Attorney-General cause?

The Solicitor-General is an important independent office within the Commonwealth; as Justin Gleeson's resignation shows, it is being badly damaged by George Brandis.

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