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Tony Abbott and the ‘people’s revolt’ against Gillard’s climate policy

In her new book 'The Carbon Club' Marian Wilkinson exposes the truth behind Australia's inaction on climate change.

A decade on, there are valuable lessons from the Gillard years

Ten years on, the Gillard government is associated with scandal and soap opera. But its economic successes hold lessons for Australia in 2020.

Former prime minister Julia Gillard

Lessons must be learnt, Gillard says

Good morning, early birds. Julia Gillard is calling for an investigation into China's original COVID-19 outbreak, and the Fair Work Commission is considering deferring minimum wage increases for JobKeeper-eligible companies. It's the news you need to know, with Chris Wood.


What does being PM do to your face?

Politics can be a real kick in the face.

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The art of Australian political nonsense-speak

All politicians walk a fine line between effective political speech and incomprehensible garbage. Some Australian lawmakers excel at both.

Labor’s nostalgia based on bad maths and worse politics

Labor's claim that the Greens ruined the chance for effective climate action ignores the fact that Kevin Rudd's climate scheme was terrible policy.

Kevin Rudd writes…

'We on the centre-left who are committed to climate action have never let up on this fight.'

Former prime minister Julia Gillard

Of course Julia Gillard is appearing at a Tory convention

Julia Gillard's appearance at the UK Conservative Party conference will come as no surprise to those who have watched her politics closely.

(Image: AAP/Darren England)

The party of open borders now says it will close the door? Unlikely.

For nearly two decades the Coalition has been committed to an open-door policy for workers and foreign students in service to a neoliberal agenda. Now this, too, has backfired on them.

Has Australian politics ever had a lower point?

Crikey readers discuss the least inspiring moments of modern Australian politics.

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