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Topic: Joe Hockey

Lessons must be learnt, Gillard says

Good morning, early birds. Julia Gillard is calling for an investigation into China's original COVID-19 outbreak, and the Fair Work Commission is considering deferring minimum wage increases for JobKeeper-eligible companies. It's the news you need to know, with Chris Wood.

Businessman Anthony Pratt, former PM Tony Abbott, and outgoing ambassador to the US Joe Hockey (Image: AAP/Supplied)

Ex-ambo open to offers: Joe Hockey’s plans raise questions about life after public service

Australia's ambassador to the US has spent four years milking Trump contacts. Now he's off to make truckloads of money.

 (Image: AAP Image/Joel Carrett)

Morrison blasts UN’s ‘negative globalism’

Good morning, early birds. Scott Morrison has taken a swipe at the UN, and the Russia probe escalates as Alexander Downer rejects Republican claims he was "directed" to contact the Trump election campaign. It's the news you need to know, with Rachel Withers.

Scott Morrison and Joe Hockey in Washington DC (Image: AAP/Mick Tsikas)

How Australia jumped on Trump’s conspiracy bus

The government isn't being forthcoming about what lies ahead, but there are already plenty of weird twists and turns to reflect on.

(Image: AAP/Mick Tsikas)

With his promise to Trump, Morrison sells Australia’s soul

The Australian government has offered its full support to Donald Trump's investigation of the FBI's Russia probe. The fact that the investigation is bullshit doesn't seem to matter.

Five places Tony Abbott might end up after his defeat

Gone but unfortunately not forgotten, Tony Abbott still has a few options in his eternal mission to remain irritatingly close to the centre of public imagination.

(Image: AAP/Mick Tsikas)

High hopes for a Coalition comeback bogged down in scandals

Labor may be stumbling on the latest asylum seeker issue but it had Coalition scandals handed to it on a silver platter throughout the week.

Helloworld CEO Andrew Burnes

Who is Joe Hockey’s mate at the heart of the Helloworld scandal?

Helloworld CEO and Liberal Party treasurer Andrew Burnes was relatively unknown a few days ago. Now, not so much...

Mathias Cormann at Senate estimates hearings. (Image: Mick Tsikas)

People aren’t just angry at this government. They are disgusted by it.

The sheer volume of waste, shonk and grift has left Australian voters with a sense of utter repulsion toward the Morrison government.

Joe Hockey helped Helloworld despite personal, financial ties

Good morning, early birds. Ambassador to the US and former federal treasurer Joe Hockey reportedly helped facilitate a meeting with Helloworld prior to it winning government tender, despite being a major shareholder in the travel company. It's the news you need to know, with Chris Woods.