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Run over by Packer, run off to Europe. Ex-chairman the missing stool in Crown shitshow

Don't expect to hear much from ex-Crown chair Rob Rankin, even after James Packer threw him under the bus.

Helen Coonan and James Packer (Images: AAP)

Cull the board, replace the chair — how to fix Crown Resorts

Crown needs a complete overhaul, starting from the chair, Helen Coonan. That's the only way to defuse the fury of shareholders.

James Packer, Jane Halton and Andrew Demetriou at the Crown inquiry (Image: Supplied)

Want to understand the way power works in this country? Keep your eyes on the Crown

The inquiry into Crown has unearthed a laundry list of crimes and misdemeanours that makes Daryl Maguire’s wrongdoings seem petty.

James Packer (Image: Supplied)

James Packer and the media: shock, horror — he’s a bully

It's ugly but it's mesmerising watching the Crown inquiry as it unpacks how business is done behind the scenes in the billionaire's family.

James Packer (Image: AAP)

Influence, power and money: how James Packer and Crown get their way

The current inquiry into the fitness of Crown to retain its casino licence in NSW is not the real question. The real question is how it got one in the first place.

James Packer appearing in the Crown inquiry (Image: Supplied)

Forgetful Packer moves to save Crown. Will it be enough?

The Sydney casino inquiry has been an unsavoury spectacle — and very, very Sydney.

James Packer and Ben Gray (Images: AAP/Supplied)

It’s time for Commissioner Bergin to put Packer’s ‘shameful, disgraceful’ emails on the table

Now the subject of the billionaire's emails has been made public the inquiry must release those 13 pages of bile.

James Packer appearing in the Crown inquiry (Image: Supplied)

Secret deals, mysterious financiers: welcome to the world of James Packer

In a rare public appearance, James Packer has given a glimpse into his world.

James Packer (Image: AAP/Jane Dempster)

Crown rests uneasy on Packer’s head as inquiry exposes poor practices

Unpredictable casino billionaire James Packer is scheduled to give evidence to the NSW Bergin inquiry on Tuesday. Based on what has been unfolding so far, it's going to be a fascinating couple of days.

James Packer (Image: AAP)

The return of the mogul: Packer and his Crown dealings in the spotlight

In a rare public appearance, James Packer will face questions about Crown's dealings in China and with Melco Resorts.

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