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Topic: Islamophobia
(Image: AAP/Ben Rushton)

Tips and Murmurs: One Nation finds friends … The Age turns to crime … giant novelty cheque, please

The Age lifestyle section becomes the crime beat, and why is the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils palling about with One Nation?

Katie Hopkins on <em>Today</em>.

Katie Hopkins is too toxic for everywhere except Australian TV

She's a far-right commentator who's been deplatformed all over the world. But that hasn't stopped Australia rolling out the red carpet.

(Image: Unsplash/JERRY)

How two teens became the face of an alt-right bushfire terrorism conspiracy

Anti-Islam figures and far-right trolls are pushing conspiracies that Australia's bushfires are the work of Islamic terrorists.

A far-right protest (Image: AAP/Dan Peled)

Australia has normalised Islamophobia. Is anti-Semitism next?

Islamophobia may be more visible in modern Australia, but anti-Semitism is just as deeply entwined with the ideologies of the growing far-right. And it's becoming more common.

Mert Ney being detained by police in Sydney (Image: AAP)

Mental health, ‘Allahu akbar’ and the challenge of the lone-wolf killer

Debate continues to rage over whether coverage of the Sydney knife attack was demonising both minorities and people with a mental illness.

Bodies of those murdered last week in Christchurch terror attack continue to be buried. (Image: AAP/SNPA, Martin Hunter)

While New Zealand heals, Australia’s culture war rolls on

The Christchurch attacks have brought New Zealand together. But in Australia, the home of the alleged killer, we keep fighting, and refuse to change.

How the media turned far-right racist talking points mainstream

The media has a lot to answer for in its mainstreaming of racist and anti-Muslim commentary, and it's not just the far-right outlets that are to blame.

How the meaning of bullying has changed

Crikey readers discuss workplace bullying, Fraser Anning and other stories of the day.

This man recently mocked someone else's clothes.

Boris Johnson’s burqa imbroglio sums up UK politics

Half the Tory right believe that the party would triumph if it could be an unashamedly nationalist and chauvinist party, and hell, they may be right.

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