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Malaysia’s political turmoil opens up deep divides and the China question

Political unrest in Malaysia raises two big concerns: the rise of Islamist fundamentalism, and the growing role of Chinese influence.

How the media turned far-right racist talking points mainstream

The media has a lot to answer for in its mainstreaming of racist and anti-Muslim commentary, and it's not just the far-right outlets that are to blame.

Religious violence escalates in Sri Lanka

An escalation in violence is being expected between Sri Lanka's Buddhists and its Muslim minority. For some, echoes of the civil war are unavoidable.

The Yes camp’s hostility to religion is losing them votes

The Yes crowd must make room for believers in their campaign if they are to represent all the colours of the rainbow.

Jokowi’s new decree is only partly about curbing Islamist groups

Yes, Joko Widodo's decree against hardline Islamic groups is about stamping out terror-linked organisations. But it's also about saving his own political arse.

We're being swamped by Asians! Our Christian heritage is fading! Islam is surging! Calm down, Australian media.

Census mythbusting: have we truly become a nation of Islam-curious Chinese heathens?

We're being swamped by Asians! Our Christian heritage is fading! Islam is surging! Calm down, Australian media.

I spent 3 months in a secret Pauline Hanson supporter Facebook group, and here is what I learnt

Freelance journalist Jarni Blakkarly spent three months monitoring a Pauline Hanson forum on Facebook. He found very little about Hanson, and a whole lot about Islam.

Tony Abbott is helping the terrorists win

There’s a lot of competition these days for the title of Politician Most Likely to Exploit Terrorism in an Appalling Manner ...

The political power play behind the whipping of gay men in Aceh

News that gay men in Indonesia are being whipped by order of the sharia police has shocked the world, but we should look at politics, not religion.

Jesus F-ing Christ! Blasphemy is back, and it’s flummoxing secular legal systems

The case of a former Jakarta governor illustrates the role that blasphemy plays at the intersection between law and state-sponsored religion.

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