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Topic: Iraq War
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Jump in my (autonomous) car

This week in Side View: Ring or Ringu? America's grim military legacy in Iraq, the fall of the National Enquirer, and crab housing.

Media starts drumbeat for war on Iran

Having learnt nothing from the Iraq debacle, the Australian media is now urging our involvement in another military intervention in the Middle East.

War posturing shows the hypocrisy of politicians

Crikey readers discuss the government's eagerness for war with Iran and the coming of Facebook's cryptocurrency.

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The failures of Iraq remain embedded in Australian politics

The conditions that enabled the Howard government to lead Australia into the Iraq debacle remain in place as another Middle Eastern war looms.

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How a fearful Howard government hurt our Iraq War preparations

Australia's preparations for Iraq were hampered by the Howard government's fear of opposition to the war, a declassified study shows.

Razer: 15 years since we declared war on Iraq, little has changed

Dissenters today are still treated exactly the same way by the mainstream press as they were 15 years ago at the beginning of the Iraq War.

Why is Jim Molan retweeting a Russian propaganda account?

As a former soldier, Senator Jim Molan ought to know better than to share Russian propaganda.

An Australian soldier begs to be punished for a crime we forced him to commit

Returned Sergeant Kevin Frost cannot deal with the pain and guilt of what happened in Afghanistan any longer. It's a pain foreign correspondent John Martinkus knows well.

Put Bush, Blair and Howard in the dock for democracy’s sake

The failure of Bush, Blair, Murdoch and Howard to be held accountable for the Iraq invasion contributes to the profound discontent gripping their countries.

Rundle: the Chilcot Inquiry, and Iraq’s true history

Blair lied to his cabinet, his party, and the people of his nation. Effectively, he used the entire UK as a patsy.

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