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Topic: Indigenous affairs
Victorian Transport Infrastructure Minister Jacinta Allan (Image: AAP/Ellen Smith)

Djab Wurrung people have been failed and betrayed at every turn

For months, the traditional owners of Djab Wurrung land have faced a battle on multiple fronts to be heard on the issue of the Western Highway and the destruction of sacred trees.

(Image: IPA/YouTube)

Is it a beat-up? We fact-check the IPA’s campaign against a Voice to Parliament

The IPA has launched a 'Race Has No Place' campaign against the Voice to Parliament. The claims range from valid to nonsensical.

(Image: Unsplash/Andrea Ang)

Public housing and private trauma 

Maria has been homeless for 14 years, ever since she lost her last WA public housing property due to arrears she has since repaid. Her story is not unique.

(Image: Pixabay)

The ‘landlord of last resort’

It's estimated at least 1000 children a year are made homeless by WA bureaucracy. If this is an over-estimate, the government might want to say so, because it’s utterly damning.

Tanya Day's family outside the Coroners Court in Melbourne (Image: AAP/Julian Smith)

We are more than statistics

The deaths of First Nations people need to be more than just a footnote in another royal commission.

(Image: Unsplash/Josh Riemer)

Beam me up, Neo

This week: glitching the simulation, eternal student debt, a bad week for Indigenous Australians, and the latest in anti-groping tech.

Central Australian Desert (Image: Wikimedia)

Why a banned book of sacred Indigenous knowledge is still available for sale

The case of Nomads of the Australian Desert sheds light on the legal system's struggle to reckon with the publication of sacred Indigenous material.

(Image: Unplash/Alfonso Navarro)

Trash talk

This week, some cracking content: the future of rubbish, Disney = vomit, Australia's slave trade, China's take on Judaism, and the sinister stupidity of chooks.

What’s next for Indigenous reparations?

Queensland may have agreed to pay Indigenous workers whose wages were stolen by the state, but the national issue of reparations is far from over.