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Topic: housing

COVID-19 won’t help young people buy homes — unless we democratise the suburbs

Sadly, house prices and housing affordability are two very different things.

(Image: AAP/Dylan Coker)

Looming construction crisis shows slow, deep burn of virus

New forecasts from the construction sector suggest one of Australia's biggest employers will be struggling well into the mid-2020s.

Global COVID-19 cases hit 2 million…

Global COVID-19 cases have doubled in a fortnight to pass the 2 million mark and Chief Minister Michael Gunner will today announce a $20 million package aimed at “plugging gaps” in the federal JobKeeper program.

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Top bureaucrat charged with rorting, while Indigenous family is evicted over broken Hills hoist

The hypocrisy is staggering as Australia faces one of the biggest rorts it has ever known.

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Public housing and private trauma 

Maria has been homeless for 14 years, ever since she lost her last WA public housing property due to arrears she has since repaid. Her story is not unique.

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The ‘landlord of last resort’

It's estimated at least 1000 children a year are made homeless by WA bureaucracy. If this is an over-estimate, the government might want to say so, because it’s utterly damning.

(Image: AAP/Paul Braven)

Australia’s most liveable cities are only liveable for some

Australian cities' celebrated 'liveability' is being hoarded by a lucky few. Until we focus on growing urban disparity, this won't change for generations.

Photos from a fire-damaged Melbourne tower covered in combustible cladding. Image: AAP/Supplied

Do not let us burn for you, Scott Morrison

At least my family can still escape from the first-storey window when our lives go up in smoke. Many others might not be so lucky.

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‘Punitive’ public housing tenancies are pushing people into the streets 

Western Australia's use of fixed-term tenancies is "fundamentally unethical" say advocates, and in some cases it's breaking families up.

(Image: Wikimedia Commons/Sardaka)

Victoria’s public housing investment is bleak and getting worse

State government investment in public housing has fallen, and Victoria and NSW are underperforming compared to small states.