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Home lending soars despite the pandemic

Record low interest rates are enticing first home buyers into the market — for better or for worse.

Here’s a thing — house lending continues to surge despite the downturn

Like a cockroach, the Australian housing market appears capable of withstanding anything.

What will the pandemic do to house prices and banks?

This is not the global financial crisis. Australian banks and lenders are well prepared, but people with home loans need to stay sharp.

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How will this recession affect the housing market in Australia?

How does a recession affect the housing market? Here's what you need to know about supply, demand and prices.

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As Australia’s 30 years of growth come to an end, what have we learnt?

Australia is bigger, richer and less happy following three decades of growth. So where do we go from here?

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The hypocrisy of Morrison’s housing market plans

Crikey readers discuss the problems of the Coalition's new home loan scheme and the slow crisis faced by News Corp.

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Is a great wave going to swamp Australia’s housing market?

With a small but growing percentage of homeowners owing banks sums greater than the value of their homes, what are the looming risks to the economy?

Will the housing market bounce back in 2019?

The Reserve Bank will be watching the summer auction season closely for any glimpse of the the housing market's changing fortunes.

Time to bust some myths about the ‘property crash’

Contrary to the clickbait peddlers, there's no property crash. If anything, our financial sector, and the surrounding economy, have become more resilient in recent years.

Conservatives no longer care about family values, and their housing policies prove it

For all the right's railing about community values, they sure do make it hard to live in a community.

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