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UBI proponent Hillary Clinton.

Universal basic income

Welcome to For Your Information, where Helen Razer explains a topic of global, local or, occasionally, no significance.

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton in mail bomb scare

Good morning, early birds! Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and other prominent liberal figures have received suspicious packages believed to contain explosives, the government seeks to challenge child medical evacuations from Nauru and Manus, and crossbenchers hit out at potential coal subsidies. It's the news you need to know, with Chris Woods.

The value of Taylor Swift’s political endorsement

You can enjoy the looks, quips and works of a celebrity very much while remaining entirely unmoved by their political advice.

What’s the difference between Stephen Colbert and Jordan Peterson? Colbert wears glasses.

Between the Intellectual Dark Web’s Peterson, Ayaan Hirsi Ali or Sam Harris, and champions of the liberal resistance like Colbert or Nicholas Kristof, the only true disagreement is about language and representation and behaving better.

Gillard shouldn’t be thrown in with Clinton’s ‘scented bath of toxic feminism’

Crikey readers respond to Helen Razer's searing review of Hillary Clinton's Australian tour, and other stories from last Friday.

Razer: Hillary Clinton’s religious, if nonsensical, performance to Melbourne’s true believers

Hillary Clinton spoke to a 5000-strong crowd on a freezing Thursday night in Melbourne. Her observations on misogyny failed to adequately warm Helen Razer.

A real downer: Alexander Downer’s career bottoms out with alt-right trolling

Arch-conservative Alexander Downer finds himself demonised as a left-wing agent of the Clintons as the far right struggles to discredit the investigation of Donald Trump.

Razer: oh, those anti-Russians …

There is no evidence of orchestrated “misinformation”. But it has become accepted alternative fact that “Russia” interfered in the US election.

Razer: Four Corners put political candour to death last night

Sarah Ferguson's "interrogation" of Hillary Clinton on Four Corners last night marks a watershed moment (not in a good way) for political journalism.

ABC had a strong night thanks to their Hilary Clinton get, while viewers abandoned Seven.

Glenn Dyer’s TV Ratings

ABC had a strong night thanks to their Hilary Clinton get, while viewers abandoned Seven.

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