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Greta Thunberg and the cult of rational thinking

What Greta Thunberg says is simple, rational and forensic. So why is the right losing its mind?

White Flint Mall. (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

Finding peace in the decaying remains of America’s malls

Standing in the hollowed-out carcass of a dying mall, Crikey's writer-at-large catches a glimpse of the transience of modern life.

Interminable right-wing 'influencer' Milo Yiannopoulos.

It’s not that Barnaby is a hypocrite. It’s that conservatism itself is in crisis.

In their disregard of a child on the way from the Barnaby affair, the right is stepping into the territory of post-Woodstock 1970s era cultural nihilism, which even progressives pulled back from eventually.

Turnbull is the most contemptible modern prime minister we’ve had

Everything Turnbull does now produces the sort of contempt one feels for someone living out an imaginary life on our time.

Rundle: effective strike action is dying in this country, and it’s partly Labor’s fault

The only possible strategic response to this assault on workers' rights is wildcat strikes.

Rundle: right-wingers Finnish on a low note

A recent op-ed dismisses the strength of Finnish education based on the fact that the language has phonetic spelling. There's a bit more to it than that.

Feeney falls on his sword, sparking the fight for Batman

Crikey understands that Feeney's electorate office in Batman, in Melbourne's inner north, was notified two days ago of his intention to quit.

Rundle: don’t let the ‘madman’ fool you — the US’ foreign policy shift is calculated

An obsession with Trump is blinding us to what's really going on: one of the most important historical shifts of recent decades.

‘Change the date’ springs from a long cultural history, one that Nick Cater wouldn’t understand

In which Guy Rundle looks back at the history of Meanjin and A.A. Phillips influential essay "The Cultural Cringe".

Rundle: the anti-democratic rot at the heart of the TPP

Without the US, the TPP is a less threatening beast, but a beast it remains.

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