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Like much ‘reform’, the GST is about powerful interests, not the national interest

For 20 years the GST has been little more than a tool for the powerful to get ahead.

Twenty years on, GST’s lies hide a more banal truth — and reveal the impact of vested interests

While neoliberals are celebrating 20 years of the GST, there's no evidence it delivered the kind of benefits promised at the time. And, as always, it reflects the power of vested interests.

Image credit: Matt Lamers/Unsplash

Tampon tax ‘victory’ aside, only rich people should be paying GST

The stubborn feminist or even the mildly stubborn fan of greater wealth equality knows that the GST should only be paid by those who drive their children to the finest schools in the finest cars.

Turnbull gives a Gillard-style Gonski on GST

Sometimes governments face political dilemmas that only a big lump of money can fix. Julia Gillard faced one. Now Malcolm Turnbull has his own.

Crikey Worm: divisions over government’s new GST plan

Good morning, early birds. The government has unveiled a radical new plan for the GST distribution system. Plus, a rift with New Zealand over the teenager in adult detention. It's the news you need to know, with Chris Woods.

The 10 truths the left can never admit

What truths cannot be uttered on the left? Just as there are things that can never be admitted on the right, so too are there unmentionable things on the other side.

Amazon block is an act of contempt by corporate elites and their political lackeys

Consumers are the losers when powerful interests convince governments to protect them from competition. Look no further than Amazon's geoblocking of Australia.

Searching for smart tax implementation? Look a little closer to home

The government of Singapore has revealed a new plan to boost GST and implement a carbon tax to offset predicted budget strain — foresight the Turnbull government could use.

GST carve-up mess makes a diabolical political challenge even tougher

The government is in terrible trouble in Queensland and Western Australia. So you'll never guess who would be one of the biggest losers from a reallocation of the GST to the west ...

Crikey Worm: Coalition slumps in regional Oz, and Frydenberg argues against a CET

Good morning, early birds. Yet more bad news for PM Malcolm Turnbull this morning as Newspoll indicates huge losses for his government's two-party preferred in regional Australia. And the Productivity Commission's report into the best way to distribute the GST is set to land. It's the news you need to know, with Max Chalmers.