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Rupert Murdoch and Scott Morrison (Images: AP, AAP)

Mates looking after mates. Coalition has an impressive array of programs to fund News Corp

The Morrison government has big plans to channel huge amounts of money to News Corp.

Trump’s justice warriors declare war on Google but squib on the real target

The much more lucrative and insidious monopoly is what the internet behemoth makes from selling to its advertisers: you.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. (Image: AP)

The tech slog is on: slowly but surely, the walls are closing in on big tech

Each small step towards regulation makes possible a future that seemed unimaginable just a year ago.

Why the ACCC is joining the fight against the ‘app tax’

This is an issue that goes to the heart of the worldwide tech wars: how do you stop big tech companies positioning themselves as gatekeepers?

(Image: Adobe)

Here’s the medium Google actually killed — and it’s not the one all the fuss is about

Not happy, Jan? How the shift to online has changed the economics of advertising.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

The Facebook strike: what happens next?

Big tech and old media have hunkered down for a fight. Will we see fireworks, or will the whole thing just blow over?

Rupert Murdoch

Where did much of old media’s money go? Look no further than, er, old media

Australia's media companies are used to dictating the rules but Google and Facebook reckon those rules are for losers.

How Facebook mugged the news agenda — by threatening the news agenda

News that Facebook was threatening to cut off Australians from sharing news on its platform spread like wildfire — just like it wanted.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. (Image: AP)

‘Can’t pay? Won’t pay!’ says Facebook, as big tech calls Canberra’s news bluff

Facebook is playing hardball with Australia after the ACCC proposed making tech giants pay news organisations.

Canberra (and Rupert) v big tech: can the government rein in Facebook and Google?

The government's plan to rectify the power imbalance between news publishers and big tech makes no sense. But then again, we shouldn't be surprised.

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