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Topic: Global Financial Crisis

The Coalition wants you to believe the force is strong in the economy, but is it?

During the election campaign, a tweet by the Liberal Party suggested Australia's record-breaking economic expansion will continue — are they correct?

Is economic growth the lowest it’s been since the global financial crisis?

Shadow Treasurer Jim Chalmers claimed the rate of economic growth has fallen to the lowest level since the global financial crisis. Is he correct?

Former federal treasurer Wayne Swan (Image: AAP/Mick Tsikas)

Swan song: Wayne Swan’s final speech connects the challenges of 2008 and 2019

For Wayne Swan, Australia's avoidance of a recession during the financial crisis was only the start of a long-term challenge to safeguard economic democracy, one his party must continue to face.

Wayne Swan, 2008. (Image credit: AAP Image/Alan Porritt)

The road not taken: reflections on the global financial crisis

History will conclude that the critics of Labor’s GFC response 10 years ago were hopelessly wrong. By avoiding a sudden, deep recession, Australia also avoided testing out what its effect may have been on our democratic system.

Rudd’s economic legacy, 10 years on

A decade ago, Kevin Rudd's Labor government pulled off a marvel that made Australia one of the most impressive economies in history.

Ten years on from the sharemarket peak, Australian business has little to complain about

Ten years on from the pre-GFC sharemarket peak, the Australian economy is very different but has prospered thanks to smart choices by policymakers.

Razer: inept leaders fill the cracks in Western democracy with bullshit

Lately, I find it hard to resist the temptation of End Times thinking, writes Helen Razer.

Chalmers: the Turnbull government’s incredible debt problem

The problem isn't just that Australia's debt has surpassed $500 billion. It's that the Coalition is racking up debt much faster than the last Labor government did, writes shadow finance minister Jim Chalmers.

Why you think the sharemarket is about to crash, even if it isn’t

Should you worry that the Australian economy is about to come crashing down? Well, yes ... and no.

Business bites: something for Joyce? … dodgy choice … IT companies rejoice …

Will Barnaby intervene if a Chinese company stakes a bigger claim in Nufarm? And other media tidbits of the day.

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