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Advance Australia's Captain GetUp.

Why $1 million may not be enough to advance Advance Australia’s cause

This flailing group just scored a big injection of cash. But will it be enough to actually compete with its left-wing rivals?

Have pollsters created an ‘alternate universe’? 

The power of polling has been used to shape political narratives and bring down prime ministers — but what does it mean now that we know the foundations are more flimsy than anyone thought? 

(Image: GetUp)

Does GetUp need to change?

Crikey readers discuss the problems facing GetUp and Clive Palmer's ongoing impact on Australia.

Federal member for Dickson Peter Dutton speaking to supporters (Image:AAP/Glenn Hunt)

The Coalition’s never-ending war against GetUp

The activist group spent $10 million targeting high profile hard-right candidates in this election. Now the Coalition is asking: was it worth it?

Five places Tony Abbott might end up after his defeat

Gone but unfortunately not forgotten, Tony Abbott still has a few options in his eternal mission to remain irritatingly close to the centre of public imagination.

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Why GetUp is more transparent than the major political parties

The only reason people are picking at GetUp's accounts like vultures is that its accounts are actually public.

(Image: GetUp)

Inside the campaign to unseat Dutton

Grassroots campaign group GetUp has its sights on seven seats this election — and Peter Dutton’s marginal seat of Dickson is the priority target.

Advance Australia's Captain GetUp.

This could be Australia’s stupidest election ever

It's been a stupid election campaign so far and all signs point to it getting stupider.

(Image: GetUp/Crikey)

One Nation fans hit up GetUp in Western Australia

It was a battle of the orange t-shirts in Perth this week.

And the Wankley goes to… GetUp for ripping off journalists’ work without credit

In pushing its campaign to end offshore processing, GetUp published on its Facebook page a slick video interview made by BuzzFeed and the ABC. Not that you would've known that from watching the video.

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