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Topic: gay marriage

Calculating the total cost of the postal survey (SPOILER: it was a lot more than $100m)

The important thing is that even with the $22 million saving, the $100 million cost to the government is nowhere near the whole cost of the plebiscite.

Paterson’s ‘religious freedom’ bill was typical IPA twaddle

Paterson's abandoned 'religious freedom' bill threw the IPA's hypocritical libertarianism into stark relief.

Crikey Worm: holy war delayed until further notice

Good morning, early birds. It looks like the parliamentary dust-up over protecting religious freedoms from the soon-to-be-reality of marriage equality will be delayed until the new year. Plus, a euthanasia bill has been narrowly defeated in the New South Wales upper house. It's the news you need to know, with Max Chalmers.

Razer: Yes victory was our Macron moment

Centrism had a victory yesterday, a moment of apparent progress, still concealing its ongoing descent.

LGBTI Australia led the way with resilience and pride

This postal survey has changed us for better and for worse. But in the end, Australia said Yes.

Game over, Abbott. Now resign.

Tony Abbott's legendary capacity for negative campaigning was a total failure in the marriage equality postal survey. Without that, he's got nothing.

Postal vote parties: how will Australia mark the end of the marriage equality survey?

Activists find fun ways to mark the occasion for tomorrow's announcement of the marriage equality survey results.

EXCLUSIVE: totally legit FAQ cheat sheet for people confused about James Paterson’s gay marriage bill

Are you a small business owner excited to discriminate against LGBTI couples, but unsure of where you stand legally? Let this guide be your, er, guide.

Razer: we finally reached peak Q&A

This week's Q&A episode on marriage equality was billed as a “debate” and was boiled down to its noisome essence. Which is to say, it said things that have been already said and said.

Sophie York, Marriage Alliance spokeswoman (Image: AAP/Dan Himbrechts)

Hinch’s Senate Diary: Sophie York, please stop emailing me. I already voted yes.

Senator Derryn Hinch has some questions -- and a few requests -- regarding the marriage equality postal vote.

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