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Topic: freedom of information
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Dear media: if you won’t speak up for Assange, maybe stop using WikiLeaks’ stuff

Like him or not, the WikiLeaks founder represents things that need protecting.

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FOI documents reveal AFP used face-matching tech to search ‘persons of interest’

With no authorisation, Australian police used an app that searches through billions of social media photos to identify people.

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NTEU abandons ‘union-backed wage cuts’

Good morning, early birds. The National Tertiary Education Union has largely abandoned its proposed National Jobs Protection Framework, and Scott Morrison will reportedly bring ACTU secretary Sally McManus on board a group of business representatives to discuss workplace relations reform. It's the news you need to know, with Chris Woods.

A meeting of the national cabinet to discuss COVID-19. (Image: AAP/Alex Ellinghausen)

The national cabinet’s rules, processes and information are shrouded in secrecy

The prime minister wants the new national cabinet to be permanent, but experts are worried it hinders Australia's democratic process.

The secret life of George Christensen

Good morning, early birds. George Christensen and Ken Wyatt are making headlines for suspicious secrecy and alleged bullying respectively, and a freshly minted government taskforce will be able to share classified intelligence with the AFP. It’s the news you need to know, with Rachel Withers.

Australia lags behind the rest of the world on a bill of rights

Recent incursions on Australia's free press have shown once again that, without a national bill of rights, liberty is treated cheaply in Australia.

FOI reveals that health agencies ignored My Health Record concerns

A report obtained by Crikey via freedom of information indicates that the government agencies in charge of My Health Record could have easily anticipated public concerns.

Like it or not, the Queen is our head of state. The public has a right to know what our leaders are discussing with her.

Why is the government withholding letters Abbott and Turnbull sent to the Queen?

Like it or not, the Queen is our head of state. The public has a right to know what our leaders are discussing with her.

Public servants ignoring the public interest in freedom of information

Bureaucratic efforts to undermine Freedom of Information laws by insisting it prevents "frank and fearless advice" hurts democracy and further estranges the governing class from he electorate.

Police fight to keep NSW gun documents secret after Adler debate

NSW public servants are attempting to keep a lid on documents about classification of the Adler A-110 shotgun.

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