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Murdoch to Trump: can you leave the audience by the door?

Murdoch is using his US newspapers and television to send a message to an audience of one: “time’s up”.

Trump supporters attend a protest named 'Stop the Biden steal' (Image: EPA/Cristobal Herrera-Ulashkevich)

Whatever the result, the clear losers are progressives and democracy

The right's attempt to derail the US election is the final manifestation of the Donald Trump era. And there's little the left can do.

Kevin Rudd speaks in last night's Crikey Talks event (Image: Supplied)

Kevin Rudd is still here to help. Can he hit Murdoch where it hurts?

As Kevin Rudd's petition for a royal commission into the Murdoch media closes, he casts blame for the current state of the US on Rupert.

Fox News anchor Sean Hannity (Image: Fox News)

Fox News on top as America glues itself to the television

The Murdoch-owned cable news channel has clearly established itself as America's dominant linear TV business, with industry-topping audience numbers on a tense election night.

Rowan Dean on Sky News Australia (Image: Supplied)

Locals make the call: Sky Australia out-Foxes Fox News

Think Fox News is bad? Turns out it's got nothing on Murdoch's local operation.

Fox News anchor Sean Hannity (Image: Fox News)

How the Murdoch media is positioning for a Trumpless presidency

Rupert Murdoch may be 'resigned' to a Trump loss, but his news outlets are doubling down.

US presidential debate moderator and Fox News anchor Chris Wallace (Image: EPA/Olivier Douliery/POOL)

In defence of Chris Wallace

The Fox News anchor has been slammed for failing to control the chaotic debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. But to what extent is he really to blame?

(Image: Republican National Convention)

And the loser is: credible, contextual journalism

Is the US media capable of covering an election this chaotic?

Lachlan, Rupert and James Murdoch

Why did James Murdoch quit?

The younger Murdoch son resigned from News Corp citing 'disagreements over certain editorial content'. But what content was he talking about, exactly?

Fox News anchor Sean Hannity (Image: Fox News)

Call me shocked! Media revealed as a haven for grifters

The dirty secret is out: media commentary for status or money is as common as dirt — in Australia as well as the US.

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