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Topic: film
Warwick Thornton's The Beach (Image: SBS)

Don’t call it ‘slow TV’: The Beach is the meditative show we need

Welcome to The Beach: three hours of meditative television, where so little happens — but so much.

Matt Damon in 2011 pandemic thriller 'Contagion' (Image: Warner Bros.)

COVID-19, the movie? Don’t hold your breath

It will be fascinating to see what Hollywood produces in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

(Image: <em>The Brink</em>)

‘I think he’s still dangerous’: capturing Steve Bannon’s post-Trump career

A new documentary, The Brink, follows former Donald Trump adviser Steve Bannon as he searches for footholds for his murky brand of populism.

Aisling Franciosi in <em>The Nightingale</em>

Jennifer Kent is ‘not interested in convincing anyone’ about The Nightingale

The new film has drawn huge praise and intense ire, but the director says it's ultimately been misinterpreted. Are audiences just ignorant about Australian history?

Adam Goodes in his final 2015 season (Image: AAP/Dean Lewins)

‘We have wasted too much time doing heavy lifting for white Australia’: Stan Grant

The Australian Dream is a story about Adam Goodes. But, more broadly, it's the story about being blackfella in Australia.

Diego Maradona. (Image: still from Maradona/Alfredo Capozzi)

The concentrated brilliance of Diego Maradona

A new film explores the spectacular rise and fall of Argentinian soccer legend Diego Maradona — a star who was messy, ragged, political and human.

Endless cult film is no escape from the march of time

The Clock is as much contemplative object as an artwork, and it's strangely addictive.

Neil Simon, right, on the set of <em>The Cheap Detective</em> with Dom DeLuise. (Image: AP)

Farewell Neil Simon, and farewell to his certain way of doing comedy

The legendary US playwright and screenwriter behind The Odd Couple has died, aged 91. But what of his legacy?

Between fact and fiction: why documentary doesn’t need to be as simple as it sounds

The boundaries of hybrid-documentary, docu-fiction and narrative drama are forever shifting, and producing some particularly exciting films.

‘Progressives need to have a hard look at themselves’: Sally Potter

While its timing may have been purely providential, The Party is the perfect film for the modern political landscape.