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Topic: Fight for Warringah

The price is right for Abbott’s gala

Guess how much it costs to get a seat next to Tony Abbott? Plus other tips of the week.

Independent for Warringah Zali Steggall (Image: AAP/Bianca De Marchi)

Why did Warringah buck the trend?

Steggall's win against Abbott should have felt like a revolutionary occasion, but it's been somewhat of an anti-climax.

Independent candidate for Warringah Zali Steggall celebrates her win (Image: AAP/Dylan Coker)

‘Bye bye, Tony’: Warringah abandons a former PM

Independent candidate Zali Steggall has thanked her supporters for "voting for the future". And with that, Abbott is condemned to the past.

Tony Abbott's campaign boss Roger Corbett, a former Woolworths boss and Fairfax chairman

The people behind the scenes in Warringah

A look at the who's who of Warringah's influential backroom operatives.

Dean Harris (centre) at a Friends of ABC event in Manly

Meet the Labor candidate trying to unseat Abbott

Dean Harris is personable and articulate, never faltering on policy. Imagine if Labor ran him in a seat he could actually win.

The polite protests of Warringah

The relative privilege of these crowds doesn't undermine the sincerity or importance of what they're trying to achieve, but it does shift the tone. Every protest is imbued by this smiling confidence that they will win.

(Image: AAP)

Warringah’s outsiders: on the road with Kristyn Glanville and the Greens

While the NSW Greens have been a bit of a mess in recent months, Kristyn Glanville is keeping the environment front and centre.

Zali Steggall and Tony Abbott. (Image: AAP/Damian Shaw)

Abbott and Steggall go head-to-head in candidates’ debate

It was an enlivening and evenly matched piece of political theatre — and it's almost impossible to tell who actually won.

(Image: AAP/Ben Rushton)

The appeal of Tony Abbott

For all the perception of Abbott as a gaffe-prone, onion-munching, three-word sloganeer, it's easy to forget that there is more to the former prime minister and Rhodes scholar.

Zali Steggall and Peter Macdonald (Image: Twitter)

In the ‘sensible centre’ with Zali Steggall

Tony Abbott's key challenger in Warringah doesn't want to change the system — she wants to see it managed better.

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