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Topic: feminism
Author JK Rowling (Image: Joel C Ryan/Invision/AP, File)

JK Rowling and the curse of the trans character who wasn’t there

It's fine to disagree with JK Rowling. But the abuse the author has received on social media is simply not acceptable.

Nina Funnell and Bettina Arndt (Images: Twitter/Facebook)

Memo for Nina and Bettina: it’s time to start fighting the real enemy

A legal spat between journalist Nina Funnell and shock commentator Bettina Arndt continues while the real enemy escapes.

(Image: Adobe)

What does ‘self-ID’ mean for the rights of women?

According to 'gender-critical' feminists, the debate around transgender rights has been focused around the gains of the transgender community, and not around the rights and entitlements that women have lost.

(Image: Getty/Pavlo Stavnichuk)

How my article about men and Me Too quickly spiralled into a book

What is men's role in the Me Too movement? After exploring the topic in Good Weekend, David Leser received a response unlike anything he's experienced in nearly 40 years of journalism.

The right v Trump

This week: conservatives despising Trump, life under an abortion ban, contrasts in wages growth and halal Macca's.

Roxane Gay and Christina Hoff Sommers in the This Is 42 artwork for the event.

What’s the point of a political grudge match?

Roxane Gay's latest tour with conservative Christina Hoff Sommers was pitched as "meeting of the minds". It shouldn't come as a surprise that it ended in a mess.

Sustaining the swamp

This week: how significant should significance be, lucky Aussie philosophers take on the world, Trump is only the start of corruption in the US, and getting to grips with white supremacist ideologies.

Celia Hammond.

What we know so far about the woman stepping into Julie Bishop’s shoes

Celia Hammond is walking into one of the safest Coalition seats in the country. Will she win it?

Jacqueline Maley in conversation with Julia Banks, Linda Burney, Julie Bishop and Sarah Hanson-Young (Image: All About Women/Prudence Upton).

Will we ever get deeper debate about women in politics?

With everyone continuing to follow their talking points, we're taking a deep dive into a shallow pool.

The subaltern speaks

Welcome to For Your Information. Today, Helen's strident defence (and criticism) of feminism.

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