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The great polling failure: why the ‘unloseable election’ was always lost

Every major pollster in the country backed the wrong horse at the election. Why did they all get it so wrong, and how do we know if we can trust them again?

Have pollsters created an ‘alternate universe’? 

The power of polling has been used to shape political narratives and bring down prime ministers — but what does it mean now that we know the foundations are more flimsy than anyone thought? 

Polling shows state Labor rampant on the east coast

State-based polling shows Labor performing strongly in the eastern states, and One Nation and NXT well placed in Queensland and South Australia.

Essential: 2016 a bad year for politics

Voters say 2016 was a terrible year for Australian politics, and 2017 isn't shaping up to be much better, according to Essential.

Essential: violence and abuse on the rise, Brandis the worst minister

Who are the best and worst ministers? And is violence due to racism and religious intolerance rising or falling? Essential Report has the answers.

Pauline Hanson a working-class hero

Most Australians believe they're middle class -- and class shapes our priorities when it comes to policies, this week's Essential Report shows.

‘The system is rigged’, ‘racial equality has gone too far’: Australians more like Trump than they’d admit

While the roots of populism in Australia appear economic, they also reflect a nostalgia for an Australia that can never come again.

Essential: Bishop lurks behind flailing Turnbull

Voters have dramatically soured on Malcolm Turnbull as his party's leader and Julie Bishop is poised to benefit, Essential Report shows.

Essential: voters back blocking asylum seekers

Voters support the government's bill to prevent refugees from ever obtaining a visa to Australia, today's Essential Report shows, while a substantial chunk of Australian men would vote for Donald Trump.

Turnbull flogging a dead horse on refugee issue

Despite successfully "stopping the boats", the Coalition's ownership of the asylum seeker issue as a political weapon has vanished, allowing Labor more space to differentiate itself.

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