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(Image: AAP/Mick Tsikas)

What ScoMo means by ‘transition’: a quick guide to climate change spin

The prime minister's words promoting fossil fuels are loaded with meaning — they just don't mean what they say.

Environment Minister Sussan Ley and Graeme Samuel (on screen) (Image: AAP/Lukas Coch)

Conflict of Interest: Will environmental protections be kept out of states’ hands?

State governments have a history of rolling over to powerful developers' demands, often turning a blind eye to environmental concerns.

Were Craig Kelly’s stats correct during the bushfire crisis?

Craig Kelly really made the rounds during the bushfire crisis. But the data didn't fully back up his claims...

(Image: Dan Gold/Unsplash)

Denmark’s big dry is a bitter taste of our climate-changed future

With decreased rainfall and increased fire risks, the time for band-aid solutions is over.

Smoke from the Amazon forest during a fire in Brazil, 23 August 2019. (Image: EPA/Joedson Alves)

The Amazon is on fire. What can the world do?

The G7's aid offering was never going to work in Brazil ⁠— a place where national pride and claims about lost sovereignty are political dynamite.

Loy Yang coal power station, part of a coal-to-hydrogen pilot project (Image: AAP/JULIAN SMITH)

Is Australia really destined for a hydrogen boom?

There are calls for Australia to commit to a future of hydrogen-based renewable energy. But like most energy solutions, the reality is not so simple.

An image of bore water in drought-affected Coonabarabran (Image: Supplied)

If water is life, our country is now a graveyard

Our waterways are running dry and we're on the precipice of complete environmental destruction.

(Image: Getty/bortonia)

Could ‘flygskam’ take off in a country like Australia?

We know that plane travel is terrible for the environment, but 'flight shame' probably won't bring us towards a real solution.

Protesters rail against plastic and cardboard going into landfill (Image: AAP/James Ross)

Why is Australia in the middle of a recycling crisis?

Every week Australians wheel their yellow recycling bins to the curb. But as more and more countries refuse to deal with our "contaminated" plastics, it's clear we need to rethink our approach.

This story should be front-page news, every single day

There is a melancholy settling across the world, as the consequences of decades of climate inaction reverberate. What can be done to place the impending cataclysm back at the centre of everyday life?

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