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Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton. (Image: AAP/Mick Tsikas)

Cyber strategy light on detail, but clear on more commercial espionage by agencies

The government's melodramatic new cybersecurity strategy is embarrassingly vague — but points to dramatic new powers for intelligence agencies to spy on Australians and engage in commercial espionage.

ASIO head Mike Burgess (Image: AAP/Darren England)

A users’ guide to ASIO’s latest power grab

The head of ASIO is demanding new laws to undermine encrypted communications. Here's a guide to what those laws will really be used for, and why we all benefit from encryption.

(Image: Unsplash/Con Karampelas)

Don’t shoot the Messenger: Facebook is under pressure on encryption and ads

Recent crackdowns from Australia and India threaten to undermine Facebook’s entire business model.

An unlikely encryption supporter emerges to frustrate enemies of privacy

While western governments continue to demand the ability to spy on all their citizens, one key security agency says encryption must be protected at all costs.

Browsing the Coalition’s history on digital rights

Global trends point towards increased surveillance and censorship. Australia is no different.

Nationals MP Barnaby Joyce and Victorian premier Daniel Andrews.

Politicians’ websites show major security blind spots

Many prominent Australian politicians' websites are not secured, putting anyone who contacts them online at risk.

Crisis watch: the various hot messes threatening Labor and Shorten

From technology to welfare to refugees, Bill Shorten has plenty to deal with in the lead-up to the national conference.

Labor's Kim Carr has done no favours for the tech industry this week. (Image: AAP/Alan Porritt)

‘Made In Australia’ now a warning to avoid our tech products

Politicians love to fawn over the IT sector, but a bipartisan bill passed yesterday ensures it is never taken seriously.

(Image: AAP/Mick Tiskas)

Dear Labor MPs, stop with your bullshit about protecting our rights

It's high time Labor cut the bullshit and admitted they're just as committed to creating a police state as their opponents.

Liberal MP Andrew Hastie

Encryption bill faces eleventh hour amendments

Good morning, early birds. The government's anti-encryption bill is set to be passed today after last-minute recommendations were tabled, the Coalition calls for voter ID laws to counter "mistrust of politicians", and Indigenous and LGBTIQ storytelling cleans up at the AACTAs. It's the news you need to know, with Chris Woods.

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