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Topic: employment
Minister for Employment Michaelia Cash. (Image: AAP/Mick Tsikas)

A decade of hard yakka on participation lost in jobs disaster

The Coalition has presided over a major achievement in workforce participation, but all of that has been undone in a single month. Australia's participation rate may take a long time to recover.

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When will offices reopen? The end of WFH

We have heard reports of schools opening and the steps that will need to be taken to ensure a safe learning environment, but what about work?

Image: Unsplash/Nathan Dunlao

Can employment agencies actually help you find a job right now?

It has been reported employment agencies across Australia will receive millions of new jobseekers, as COVID-19 pushes thousands of Australians out of work and onto their books.

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How much tax do I pay? | Working from home

How much tax do I pay? How much tax can I claim back? We answer the questions you're asking when it comes to tax and working from home.

Image: AAP/David Mariuz

Work-from-home jobs: which industries are hiring?

Are jobs that can be performed at home the safest industries right now? We share what industries are still hiring, as well as the industries that have been worst affected by COVID-19.

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Wage growth bubble in the making as IT, hospitality and health at risk from border shut down

Key sectors that rely on temporary workers will have to look locally for staff while border restrictions persist.

Image: Unsplash/Patrick Robert Doyle

Working from home? 11 tips for delivering great presentations remotely

Are you trying to navigate the best way to deliver great presentations remotely? We have compiled 11 of the best tips to help you improve your presentation skills.

Image: Unsplash/Victoria Heath

Working from home due to coronavirus? Here are 10 productivity tips

How do you keep productivity up when you are working from home? We share 10 tips to stay productive and motivated during the coronavirus pandemic.

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JobSeeker payments | Are you eligible and what can you claim?

Wondering if you're eligible for JobSeeker payment during the coronavirus outbreak? We outline the key criteria necessary to claim, as well as the steps you should be taking if your hours have been reduced or you have lost your job.

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Coronavirus: Part-time employee rights

Wondering what your rights are as a part-time employee during the coronavirus outbreak? In this piece, we outline some of the key factors to keep in mind when it comes to navigating working during what we have to come as the new normal.