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Topic: discrimination
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It’s sex discrimination: banks strip brothels and escort agencies of their rights 

They are legal businesses that pay tax and have stringent rules and regulations. But that's not enough to allow them to bank their earnings.

This is the group most likely to be misidentified by facial recognition

Is facial recognition technology worse at identifying darker-skinned faces than lighter ones?

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Sex workers are facing financial discrimination from our biggest institutions

Australian sex workers are having their accounts cancelled and services blocked without explanation, forcing them into vulnerable or unsafe financial situations. And the industry says it's happening more and more.

Liberal MP Trent Zimmerman (Image: RMIT ABC Fact Check)

Are religious Australians really lacking protection from discrimination?

Liberal backbencher Trent Zimmerman said that Australia lacks protections for religious people. Is he correct?

A young protester in 2017's Community Action Against Homophobia rally in Sydney. (Image: AAP/Craig Golding)

In 2019, LGBTIQ kids deserve better

Queer young people have been scapegoats of the culture wars for years now. It's time to finally confront the reality they are more than abstract fodder for debate.

Are LGBTIQ students currently protected from expulsion?

After months of delays, a leak to Fairfax has delivered our first look into the Ruddock review of religious freedoms. How does it compare to what's currently in place?

You’ve got hate mail (and there’s not a lot you can do about it)

Some inflammatory pamphlets that caused a stir during the postal survey are back, and they raise a more general question about what standards we should accept in our mailboxes.

How a US judge decided ‘artistic expression’ was a legitimate defence of discrimination

A recent ruling out of the US has raised big questions about discrimination and the first amendment, but it also says a lot about our views on the nature of work.

Dear Angry White Men: HTFU, you’re not the victims

The longing for victimhood that preoccupies the right reflects not merely an attempt to distract from the realities of power, but a basic lack of resilience among older white males.

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The murky depths of 18C

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