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Spend, spend, spend — Frydenberg’s road to recovery relies on the Great Australian Binge

The government is relying on middle- and high-income earners and business to spend up big for the economy

Good riddance to bad debt: how Australians are annihilating personal debt

The pandemic has inspired an unprecedented attack on personal debt in all its forms.

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As bad bank debts soar, will credit managers become caring grant givers?

If restructuring small business debt is enough to keep businesses afloat and people employed, then that is the sort of hit the banks should be taking. But will they?

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Inside the debt-collecting machine that’s chasing billions from people on government benefits

The debt collection industry is netting millions of dollars' worth of government contracts — yet, there appears to be little accountability for their behaviour in chasing robo-debts.

Patrick Delany, CEO of Foxtel. (Image: AAP/Paul Miller)

Foxtel can’t catch a break as debts mount

News Corp is shelling out hundreds of millions of dollars in loan repayments for Foxtel. If the banks don't start helping out, News Corp shareholders will keep footing the bill.

Former Human Services Minister Alan Tudge.

Denial, anger, bargaining: how the government deals with robo-debt controversy

Careful observers may have noticed a pattern in how the government has handled the endless controversies of its broken robo-debt recovery scheme.

Just how far did the US economy deteriorate in Trump’s first year?

Despite all the trumpeting to the contrary, the US economy slid last year into rockier territory than anyone expected, and it's not clear when — or if — it will reverse.

Your ABC platform for doomsayers

The ABC continues to provide a platform for people with poor prediction records to warn of imminent economic doom.

US economy circling the drain

The US debt has shot up almost $65 billion in two weeks. These, and other numbers, are raising eyebrows among observers.

The US economy, like so much else in America, is doing poorly under Trump

Trump's economic shortbus trundles along, but just barely.

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