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Former Australia Post CEO Christine Holgate (Image: AAP/Brendan Esposito)

Crisis lessons: first up, read the room and know who you’re talking to

Some of Australia's most prominent businesspeople can't seem to understand the fundamentals of how to manage a crisis.

Helen Coonan (Image: AAP/Mick Tsikas)

Keeping boards accountable is hard enough, so why would the government make it even harder?

Draft legislation to allow wholly online AGMs is a very bad move, writes shareholder activist and Crikey founder Stephen Mayne.

Helen Coonan and James Packer (Images: AAP)

Cull the board, replace the chair — how to fix Crown Resorts

Crown needs a complete overhaul, starting from the chair, Helen Coonan. That's the only way to defuse the fury of shareholders.

Jane Halton gives evidence in the Bergin inquiry (Image: Supplied)

Crown casino and the curious case of Jane Halton’s lack of curiosity

It's not the first time Jane Halton has had memory lapses or shown a lack of curiosity.

(Image: Adobe/Private Media)

Maguire only did what our richest and most powerful people do every day

Australian business has a pervasive culture of trying to change the rules to help them make money. Daryl Maguire is only the crudest example.

James Packer (Image: AAP)

Influence, power and money: how James Packer and Crown get their way

The current inquiry into the fitness of Crown to retain its casino licence in NSW is not the real question. The real question is how it got one in the first place.

James Packer appearing in the Crown inquiry (Image: Supplied)

Forgetful Packer moves to save Crown. Will it be enough?

The Sydney casino inquiry has been an unsavoury spectacle — and very, very Sydney.

James Packer and Ben Gray (Images: AAP/Supplied)

It’s time for Commissioner Bergin to put Packer’s ‘shameful, disgraceful’ emails on the table

Now the subject of the billionaire's emails has been made public the inquiry must release those 13 pages of bile.

James Packer appearing in the Crown inquiry (Image: Supplied)

Secret deals, mysterious financiers: welcome to the world of James Packer

In a rare public appearance, James Packer has given a glimpse into his world.

James Packer (Image: AAP/Jane Dempster)

Crown rests uneasy on Packer’s head as inquiry exposes poor practices

Unpredictable casino billionaire James Packer is scheduled to give evidence to the NSW Bergin inquiry on Tuesday. Based on what has been unfolding so far, it's going to be a fascinating couple of days.

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