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Topic: coronavirus

Australia cools to Trump’s miracle coronavirus drug… sort of

Australian tests have ceased on the anti-coronavirus properties of malaria drug hydroxychloroquine after a damning study (though some are still yet to get the memo).

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Is working from home a craven surrender to capitalism or a subversive act?

Some say working from home is the ultimate expression of capitalism, as employers colonise our domestic space. But working from home also has the potential to send a deep shudder through capitalism.

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Why is COVID-19 modelling ‘useful’ but suicide modelling ‘unwarranted’? 

Flattening the curve of mental health-related deaths is just as important as flattening the curve of the coronavirus. Yet the government's approach to the two issues could hardly be more different.

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Coronavirus travel ban | When will international flights reopen in Australia?

When will the coronavirus travel ban be lifted? When will we be allowed to work and holiday overseas? We share the latest schools of thought on when we are likely to be boarding a plane again.

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When will gyms open in Australia?

When will you be able to go back to the gym? Here are the latest details on when gyms will be opening in each state and territory.

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Clues from South Korea on the bumpy, mysterious road ahead

Looking to South Korea, the road out of coronavirus lockdown doesn't seems entirely smooth. Plus, the US hits a grim milestone.

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Are dating apps more popular in Australia due to coronavirus?

Are dating apps more popular than ever? What demographics use them most? What is the future of online dating? Your questions, answered.

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Ten tips for students studying from home during lockdown

Struggling to stay motivated while studying at home? Here are 10 tips to help keep you on track.

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How many people are unemployed in Australia?

How many people are unemployed in Australia? Here are the latest facts and forecasts.

ACTU secretary Sally McManus. (Image: AAP/Joel Carrett)

A question of trust: can unions, the government and business all stay friends?

Scott Morrison's plan for economic recovery relies on unions and employers working together, presenting both a risk and an opportunity for the union movement.