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Tim Brooke-Taylor (Image: Wikimedia)

Vale Tim Brooke-Taylor, the silly posh pom who left his mark on Australian comedy

The passing of Tim Brooke-Taylor offers a chance to reflect on just how influential the comedy of The Goodies was on a generation of Australians.

(Image: Unsplash/ Bogomil Mihaylov)

The media legacy of a forgotten comic’s extraordinarily racist act

Beers' legacy is more than just another illustration of the contortions journalists will perform to avoid calling something racist.

Women aren’t as funny as men, claims meta-study no one asked for

Science reignites the battle of the sexes for absolutely no reason.

Friendlyjordies, the comedian who wants to ‘inoculate’ Australia’s youth

Jordan Shanks has clocked up more than 50 million views on his videos taking on BuzzFeed, the Liberal Party and the ABC. What exactly is he raging against?

Looking back on a year of TV winners and losers

From politics to sport, Australian TV has had but a few bright spots.

My ‘realistic wish’ for Australian comedy

If the good ol' Chaser boys can't make it on the ABC, who can? 

Red meat to the base: why white fragility can’t stand being roasted

White fragility in Australia is looking particularly fragile at the moment on the back of a joke war.

Comedian Becky Lucas kicked off Twitter over Scott Morrison joke

Lucas was at first temporarily suspended, which was then made permanent because her account had posted threatening or violent content.

Anne Edmonds’ comedy is truly, madly, deeply Australian – and that’s why it works

For comedy to work, here in this country, it must be truly Australian. It must evoke the minutiae of a time and place, be unashamedly local.

Legally Binding: it is now an offence to leave angry notes on drivers’ windscreens

Also, a car park located on public land that happens to be outside the front of your property is not "your" car park.

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