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Topic: climate denialism
(Image: Unsplash/Matt Howard)

Forget emissions, it’s all about the fuel: where alt-climate ideas grow

Their views may not yet be mainstream, but powerful groups of alt-environmentalist climate sceptics are spreading like wildfire.

Hugh Morgan (Image: CInnovationGlobal/YouTube)

Bush logic: behind the influential group fuelling climate denialism

What is the climate-denying Saltbush Club — and who's on the member roll?

Tourism Australia's 'Matesong' campaign (Image: Tourism Australia)

Is Australia’s climate denialism a turnoff for tourists? We asked an expert

If catastrophic bushfires and viral scares weren't enough, even bigger things may be keeping visitors from Australian shores.

(Image: AAP/Kelly Barnes)

Patching a $6.5 billion hole

Good morning, early birds. The bushfire crisis is predicted to take a $6.5 billion toll on the national economy by season's end, and Scott Morrison has slyly appointed his own department's boss to investigate the sports rort. It's the news you need to know, with Chris Woods.

James Murdoch

News Corp stays silent on James Murdoch’s climate denialism claims

James Murdoch's comments about climate denial was a hot topic last week. Not that you'd know it from reading News Corp.

(Image: AAP/Joel Carrett)

News Corp is trying to dictate a broken climate debate

What to do when your usual brand of climate denialism comes under fire? Find a new one, of course.

(Image: AAP/Kelly Barnes)

War on facts: it’s time for op-ed writers to respect the truth

News Corp's editorial response to the bushfire crisis has frequently seen facts forced out in favour of grievance, fabrication and diversion

(Image: AAP Image/David Mariu)

Sorry, but Morrison is entitled to a holiday

Criticism of Scott Morrison's holiday is unwarranted: politicians are entitled to spend precious time with their families, who pay the price of public life.

Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg (Image: EPA/Valerie Blum)

Australian media: apoplectic and unapologetic

News Corp is fuelling peak denialist hysteria over Greta Thunberg and climate strikers. And, unlike their counterparts in the US, they don't need to apologise for it.

(Image: Unsplash/Ousa Chea)

On the danger of ‘hearing out’ science denialists

Crikey readers on climate debate, Paul Murray, and Seven West Media.