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Topic: Chinese Australians
Detained Australian anchor Cheng Lei (Image: CGTN)

Cheng Lei’s detention is collateral damage. The question is, what next?

Australians like broadcaster Cheng Lei will continue to suffer as collateral damage in the tit-for-tat war between Australia and China.

The member for Chisholm Gladys Liu is congratulated by Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison (Image: AAP/Lukas Coch)

The turmoils of Gladys Liu

The criticisms against Liu straddle genuine concerns about influence and mundane xenophobia, but there's a bigger section 44 question here.

(Image: ABC)

Are there really only 130 non-Chinese Australians who can speak Mandarin fluently?

Chris Bowen claims that there are only 130 Australians of non-Chinese background proficient in Mandarin. Is he correct?

(Image: AAP/Lukas Coch/Ellen Smith)

How both parties bungled the chase for Chinese-Australian votes

It's 2019 and Australian politicians are only just starting to front up to this major group of voters. They have a lot to learn.

(Image: ABC)

The growing importance of Chinese-Australian voters

The Chinese-Australian community has significant influence in several key seats.

Bill Shorten and Scott Morrison attend the Chinese New Year Grand Opening Ceremony in Box Hill (Image: AAP/Ellen Smith)

How the major parties can win over Chinese-Australian voters

Finely tuned messaging will be the key in tipping over undecided Chinese voters — and it is harder than it looks.

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