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Topic: Chelsea Manning
(Image: AAP/Peter Rae)

Turnbull, Rudd and others on the right must make a stand for Assange

The Wikileaks leader is threatened with a torturous 175-year sentence for practicing journalism. This needs a new level of opposition. If not now, when?

WikiLeaks co-founder Julian Assange arrives at Westminster Magistrates Court in April 2019 (Image: EPA/stringer)

Assange extradition battle could cause an international mess for Australia

Is an extremely large, uncomfortable, embarrassing international dilemma about to land in the lap of the Morrison government?

Fairweather foe: Bob Carr changes tack on Assange

Bob Carr now lauds Julian Assange for "delivering on our right to know". But when he could do something about Assange's treatment, he had a very different view.

Chelsea Manning

Assange’s ‘hacking’ indictment the crime of protecting a whistleblower

Julian Assange did what any good journalist should do: minimise his source's chances of being found out. But that is now conspiracy to commit a crime in the eyes of the US government.

Whistle-blower Chelsea Manning

When the Liberals aren’t inconsistent in their privacy policy, they’re hypocritical

Crikey readers discuss the Chelsea Manning visa denial and the neoliberalism of the Productivity Commission.

Alt-right political activist Lauren Southern

Manning doesn’t pass government ‘character test’ — yet these people do

The government's threat to deny a visa to Chelsea Manning reminds us that, to enter Australia, it's better to be a chauvinist or white supremacist than a whistle-blower.

Liberals block Manning but allowed in convicted leaker to raise funds for them

The government wants to block Chelsea Manning from entering Australia but allowed another convicted, and more dangerous, leaker to come into Australia to raise funds for the Liberal Party.

Did the ABC and Fairfax just kowtow to our bumbling, repressive government?

The ABC and Fairfax got lucky in getting access to sensitive documents. In both cases they decided to play fair with a government hellbent on undermining transparency.

Why Julian Assange won’t give himself up to the Americans

Is Julian Assange's long stint in the Ecuadorian embassy a martyr's travail or a narcissist's temper tantrum?

Rundle: Manning, Assange and our complicated relationship with transparency

People want the revelations that WikiLeaks makes, without wanting WikiLeaks or its methods overmuch.

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