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The Masked Singer has its best night yet for Ten

Elsewhere, Love Island continues to flop about like a dead fish.

The 2019 cast of The Bachelor

With almost no competition, The Bachelor dominates the ratings

On a night that wasn't so much quiet as dealthy silent, The Bachelor won out easily.

The Block dominates the ratings on a snoozefest of a night

Nothing much to write home about today, with The Block besting The Bachelor in a two way race for ratings supremacy.

The 2019 cast of The Bachelor

The Bachelor returns on Channel 10

The Bachelor gave Ten solid numbers on a quiet night all round.

Ten (just) bounces back from the MasterChef finale

The MasterChef finale was well down on viewers from last year, but Australian Survivor's return was a success.

(Image: 9Now/The Footy Show)

The Footy Show drops a sitter and plunges from the top 100

Not even the show's most strident critics could have seen this coming.

(Image: tenplay/The Project)

The Project is one of Ten’s few winners, but who’s watching (and where)?

Ratings have been slipping for The Project (and other news programs) for years now — but the numbers alone don't tell the full story.

Travel Guides and Married at First Sight deliver Nine a comfortable win

Ten and ABC offered weak line ups and were left behind accordingly.

Howzat new broadcasting arrangement going?

Solid if unspectacular numbers for Foxtel on the absorbing first day of the India versus Australia test series.

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