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Former prime minister Malcolm Turnbull and former deputy PM and Nationals leader Barnaby Joyce.

Politicians behaving badly is an old story, so why hasn’t it come out before?

Australia's onerous defamation laws stop many a public interest story about notorious MP pants men from being published.

Bonk ban revisited: how one bonk ban cock-blocked an entire city

Public Bar, Canberra’s late-night watering hole, was once a bustling hotspot for piss-ups and hook-ups. Then Malcolm Turnbull's 'bonk ban' hit, and things changed...

ACT Liberal leader Alistair Coe (Image: AAP/Mick Tsikas)

Poisonous tax reform proves less than fatal yet again in Canberra

Despite being gifted an apparently guaranteed vote-winner, the ACT Liberals have failed again. Maybe land tax isn't the political killer it's made out to be.

Canberra’s electric buses are a go (even though they won’t go)

The ACT government has an ambitious plan to make public transport emission-free. There's just one small problem...


How Canberra became the weed capital of Australia

Canberra has passed a historic bill to allow those in the ACT to grow, smoke, and possess small quantities of pot. But it was Labor, not the Greens, who pushed it through.

Greens candidate for Canberra Tim Hollo (Image: Guy Rundle)

Greens channel environmental anger in the capital

In the climate debates and rallies of Canberra, Greens like Tim Hollo are capitalising on Labor's failure to leave its mark.

City Hill in Canberra. Image credit: Wikimedia Commons


Welcome to For Your Information, where Helen Razer explains a topic of global, local or, occasionally, no significance.

Diplo-brat pack: Canberra’s politically savvy kids steal the limelight

A ten year old joining a political party? Not that strange if you live in Canberra, home to our nation's most politically active youths.

How one bonk ban cock-blocked an entire city

Canberra’s late-night watering hole, Public Bar in Manuka, was once a bustling hotspot for piss-ups and hook-ups. But since the bonk ban, the notorious nightspot has become a ghost of its former self.

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