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NSW abortion bill moves forward

Good morning, early birds. The NSW abortion bill has passed the lower house amid fierce debate, and a new IPCC report highlights the land sector's contribution to climate change. It's the news you need to know, with Chris Woods.

Coalition recovers some lost ground

Good morning, early birds. The Coalition enjoys a mild boost in the polls since its immediate post-Libspill plunge. Plus, an SAS soldier receives threats for assisting a war crime inquiry. It's the news you need to know, with Chris Woods.

Photo: AP/Heng Sinith

James Ricketson trial not about espionage, but policing thought

The Australian filmmaker has been labelled “a pawn in Cambodia's fierce domestic crackdown”, as press freedom advocates condemn his six-year sentence.

Abbott accepts ScoMo’s job offer

Good morning, early birds. Tony Abbott accepts Scott Morrison's job offer/olive branch. Plus, new evidence presented in James Ricketson's Cambodian trial. It's the news you need to know, with Natasha Grivas.

(Photographer: Heng Sinith/AP)

Cambodia at a crossroads after election termed a ‘mockery of democracy’

The result of this weekend's election is all but assured as a victory for Prime Minister Hun Sen, but what will happen to those standing up for the nation's democratic and human rights ideals?

Media Files: Kim-Trump meeting gets front-page treatment

Foes or bros: as usual, front pages across the globe shed a unique light on the meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un.

Media independence in Cambodia takes a nose dive ahead of elections

Major upheavals at Cambodia's Phnom Penh Post highlight a corrupt political and business landscape and a nose-dive for press freedom.

Newspaper sale another blow to Cambodia’s press freedom

The sale of Cambodia's last independent newspaper over the weekend has prompted an open revolt by staff, with senior staff including the editor-in-chief either quitting or being fired.

The cost of Facebook’s free internet in Asia-Pacific

The social media monolith's efforts to grow by bringing free proprietary internet services to developing regions of the Asia Pacific has undermined press freedoms and enabled sectarian tension.

Australia stays mute as Cambodia nears point of no return

Fearing a loss at next year's election, Prime Minister Hun Sen has taken increasingly wild moves against human rights organisations, as Australia watches on.