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Seven reasons why BuzzFeed’s passing means a sad day for Australian media

BuzzFeed Australia demanded attention for Australian challenges too often ignored by traditional media.

(Image: Succession/HBO)

On Succession and the brutal truth about digital media

It's painful, but also oddly satisfying watching your industry get torn apart on Emmy Award-winning television.

(Image: AAP/Tony McDonough)

Tracey Spicer is cancelled

Tracey Spicer tried to take on the systemic sexual harassment of women and its lingering damage. For her sins, she's now damned by the left.

Friendlyjordies, the comedian who wants to ‘inoculate’ Australia’s youth

Jordan Shanks has clocked up more than 50 million views on his videos taking on BuzzFeed, the Liberal Party and the ABC. What exactly is he raging against?

Having a yarn: a short history of Aussie journos’ favourite word

Australian Twitter is full of journalists from Bondi to Fitzroy telling everyone to read their latest "yarn". What's the story here?

Lessons Australia can learn from US media job losses

The recent swell of job losses at international media companies hasn't hit Australia badly... yet.

BuzzFeed CEO Jonah Peretti at TechCrunch Disrupt NY in 2013 (Image: Brian Ach/Getty Images for TechCrunch CC)

How BuzzFeed makes its money

BuzzFeed brings in more than 690 million readers per month, but the company is still missing its revenue targets. Are these business models no longer sustainable?

Will BuzzFeed Australia follow the playbook of its US counterpart?

It looks like the US BuzzFeed office is employing some tricky tactics around staff cuts. Keep your eyes on the Oz newsroom.

Liberal MP and PJCIS member Andrew Hastie (Image: AAP/Lukas Coch)

Aging dinosaurs in the party room aren’t the Liberals’ main problem

Crikey readers discuss the Liberals generational problem, the IPA's infiltration of Australian discourse, and the global economic slowdown.

The revolution will not be trending

The troubles of one website don’t amount to much, but the trouble at BuzzFeed perversely fulfils the site's mission of letting us know where things are at.

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