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WiseTech Global CEO Richard White (Image: AAP/Brendan Esposito)

WiseTech’s share price could fall 95% and still be expensive

This Australian software services company is a poster child for a new era of overvaluation.

(Image: AAP/Lukas Coch)

If business wants to reopen borders, it has to convince Australians the risk is worth it

If big business wants to see open borders, it needs to convince people that it will bring real benefits to them — not just whinge about populism.

(Image: Alan Levine)

Outbreak of bosses behaving badly reveals the ugly side of business

The Bosses Behaving Badly in a Pandemic Award has some strong new contenders.

(Image: AAP/Dan Peled)

The shopping mall is facing forced reinvention. Will it survive?

Could the pandemic spell the end of the shopping centre?

(Image: Adobe)

Some justice is better than none: the case for litigation funding

While the government moves to restrict the activities of litigation funders, what alternative is there for the Davids who are taking on the Goliaths of the government or big business?

Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Treasurer Josh Frydenberg (Image: AAP/Lukas Coch)

Fixing JobKeeper’s flaws would be a sign of leadership not weakness

The JobKeeper program was a good-ish response under the circumstances. But that doesn't mean it was perfect, or that trying to make it better would be an admission of failure.

Bonfire of the bad businesses: who will be burnt by COVID-19?

For some businesses, the virus is just the accelerant on a fire that was always going to engulf them.

(Image: Adobe)

A wage theft register could help government draw a line in the sand

A register of businesses found to have committed wage theft would make it easier for governments to exclude them from procurement processes and grant payments.

Boral CEO Mike Kane in 2014. (Image: APP/Dan Himbrechts)

The 2019 Crikey Business Awards

Who is on Crikey's Business Awards list this year — and more importantly, have they been naughty or nice?

WiseTech CEO Richard White (Image: AAP /Brendan Esposito)

The Wise man who just lost billions

WiseTech and its founder Richard White were heroes of Australia's small tech community. How quickly things can change...

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