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(Image: Grave of Frederick Brooks/National Library of Australia)

Lies, murder and the Coniston massacre

In 1928, the murder of Fred Brooks triggered a series of events that led to a brutal – and officially sanctioned – massacre of Indigenous Australians.

Fight of the century: how boxing shaped modern media

Boxing matches changed the course of not only professional sports, but also broadcasting as we know it.

(Image: Getty/Pavlo Stavnichuk)

How my article about men and Me Too quickly spiralled into a book

What is men's role in the Me Too movement? After exploring the topic in Good Weekend, David Leser received a response unlike anything he's experienced in nearly 40 years of journalism.

Image: Getty/Oriba

How the price system helped create our modern world 

Humans didn’t invent the price system on purpose; we are the beneficiaries of a happy accident.

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