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Tips and Murmurs: Bob and Julie do the twist … Qantas, cuts and COVID … that’s sooo unAustralian!

Bob Carr whistles a new tune on Julian Assange (if only he'd done anything about it?) while Qantas seems to be reaping the pandemic rewards. Plus other tips from the Crikey bunker.

Fairweather foe: Bob Carr changes tack on Assange

Bob Carr now lauds Julian Assange for "delivering on our right to know". But when he could do something about Assange's treatment, he had a very different view.

MP turned lobbyist Santo Santoro resigns from the Howard ministry in 2007 (Image: AAP/Mark Graham)

Selling access: a who’s who of politicians-turned-lobbyists

The ranks of lobby groups in Australia will always be teeming with ex-politicians. Crikey takes a look at a few notable examples...

Bob Carr’s road to Beijing hits a Kiwi bump

The China Lobby needs to keep up with what's going on in the region while rehearsing Beijing's talking points.

Dreyfus and Carr revealed bugging first — so why have K and Collaery been charged?

The prosecution of Bernard Collaery and Witness K for revealing the bugging of Timor-Leste overlooks that Bob Carr and Mark Dreyfus revealed espionage claims first, and reckoned the allegations "weren't new".

Meaty tales and Labor luminaries as Bob Carr launches bootstraps memoir

Carr's 'hymn to public life' was launched among some of the biggest names in Labor of the last half century.

Meet the man at the heart of the latest Chinese influence scandal

Crikey takes a quick look at John Garnaut — the man Bob Carr describes as one of ''the leaders of the recent anti-China panic in the Australian media".

Swan hits out at intelligence agencies meddling on Chinese interference

Senior Labor figure Wayne Swan has criticised intelligence agencies for leaking against Labor in the foreign interference debate.

Clive Hamilton. Credit: Takver

Clive Hamilton and his (mildly justified) conspiracy theory

Clive Hamilton's book on Chinese influence works best when it dissects the activities of Australia's clutch of China apologists. But he struggles to show how any Beijing influence has ever been effectively used.

Labor’s Palestine recognition push is too little, too late

The primary responsibility for NSW Labor's shift on Palestine is the determination of the Israeli government to destroy any possibility of a two-state solution. And it's probably already achieved that.

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