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Topic: Biloela
Asylum seekers Priya and Nades and their Australian-born daughters, Kopika and Tharunicaa (Image: Rebekah Holt)

Enough is enough: the saga of the Biloela Four must end

There is no conscience in our treatment of these people. It is passionless, gruesome officiousness, grinding them to dust in the name of the rule of a law that is bad.

(Image: AAP/James Ross)

Australian media has an asylum seeker problem

Traditional media has been out of step with its audience on this issue since Tampa — and the government knows it.

Kopika, Priya and Tharunicaa. (Image: Rebekah Holt)

The road to deportation: inside the Biloela family’s 15-month detention

In March 2018, Priya and her family gained national attention after a dawn raid on their home. Yesterday, after much quiet anguish, they lost their High Court bid to avoid deportation.