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Tip of the Day: Spies like us. No, really, spies actually like us

The intelligence community is once again trying to reach out to regular Australians. There's nothing creepy about it at all.

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We’re not masking a lot

Good morning, early birds. Victorian Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton has warned the state's outbreak "will get worse before it gets better" and that a second shutdown for hotspot areas is "absolutely an option", and AAP has been sold to a not-for-profit investment consortium. It's the news you need to know, with Chris Woods.

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Time for the government — and media — to tell the truth about cyber hysteria

The government has no right to lecture anyone about cybersecurity while it is party to making the world's IT networks less secure — all in the name of spying for western corporations.

The conference banning whistleblower speeches

The organisation charged with coordinating Australia's cyber security has decided the views of experts on whistleblowing need to be silenced at this year's Australian Cyber Conference.

This Australian spying agency’s tell-all should make a good read

A history of the Australian Signals Directorate should address the blurring of lines between national security and commercial espionage revealed by Edward Snowden.

Mooted spy powers would deliver heaven for commercial spies

The expansion of the powers of the Australian Signals Directorate would establish a new golden era of commercial espionage in Australia — and damage Australian companies.

Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton

Home Affairs power grab rings alarm bells among spies

The Home Affairs portfolio is continuing its relentless empire-building, pressing for part-control of military intelligence — and giving spies access to a vast new trove of corporate and personal information.

Hackers’ attack on ‘democracy’ spotlights the government’s contempt for privacy

Politicians can't keep their own data secure — and certainly not that of voters. Don't listen when they tell you to hand over your personal data because "it's safe".

China’s surveillance model is exactly what the West is trying to emulate

We need to stop kidding ourselves that we're so different from the Chinese on surveillance and control. They just do it better than us.

China outrages West by doing the same commercial spying we do

Lurid reports of Chinese hacking omit that we engage in exactly the same — and occasionally worse — cyber-espionage.

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